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Cancer centre's Wizard start - AFL and fundraising the ONJCCA - Herald


Flying high with Olivia - AFL and fundraising the ONJCCA

As high-profile as many of them are, even AFL stars get overawed occasionally. Like yesterday, when four players - Glenn Archer, Richie Vandenberg, Robert Murphy and Daniel Giansiracusa - joined Olivia Newton-John at AFL House to promote a cancer centre to be established in her honour at the Austin Hospital. Archer jumped at the chance to be involved, saying not only was he “a massive Grease fan”, but said his mother loved her music so much, “she has played her records almost every day of my life, I reckon”.

But just as chuffed to be there was Vandenberg, who told the singing legend that his brother Ben, a pilot, once flew a plane for her and her entourage in the Northern Territory. Not only did she recall the trip, but she even remembered Ben! “He must have made quite an impression. He’ll be rapt to know that she remembered him,” said the new Hawthorn skipper.