The pretty blonde is Australian singing-television star Olivia Newton-John who recently came to England for a look round. Olivia came to Bristol to meet her Aunt and was introduced to our editor (he’s got a lucky face). she told him that to see some English beat groups would make her visit to Bristol just great, so being the gallant knight that he is took her to all the local group haunts.

Apart from seeing the Animals at the University Terry took Olivia to the Mandrake club to see the knock-out Franklyn Big Six, where he introduced Eddie King to her. Eddie has toured Australia with Peter and Gordon so they had something in common, soon the conversation got round to recording and Eddie offered to help Olivia release a record in England.

Eddie, Terry and Olivia met in London last week and with the help of Jules Bailey on drums and Freddy Allan on bass guitar have recorded a great number by Jackie De Shannon called “ Till You Say You’ll Be Mine” coupled with a number written by Jules and Freddy, “ For Ever.” The number was recorded at Republic Studios and its hoped that one of the major recording companies will release it.

Look out for this pretty young Australian Olivia Newton-John, you’re going to see and hear a lot more of her.