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Go Set

Pat and Olivia speak out

The scene has changed, we feel square!

Two of Australia’s prettiest girls and most talented singers are back home. Pat Carroll and Olivia Newton-John have returned from England! They were forced to leave because Pat’s Visa expired, and now Pat must wait six months before applying for another one. In the meantime they are making another TV special, bringing out their first record, and appearing in clubs and dances around Australia. They were very excited to be back and we talked about many things.

ENGLAND - We both loathed it for the first three months, but now we love it. The life there is very exciting. At night everything is open, the night life is fantastic, people don’t go out till about eleven. We were there for nearly two years and grew to love so many things, like the little thatched cottages in country towns, and the historic atmosphere that is everywhere. We gained a lot of experience working over there. We worked mostly in clubs and ballrooms, and performed with a lot of beaut people like The Shadows, The Seekers, Frank Ifield, Matt Munro, Dick Emery and Tommy Trinder. We also did some shows for the British troops in Cyprus. We hope to go back to England in the middle of the year.

MELBOURNE - The skyline has changed so much, there are so many new buildings. We didn’t realise how much we had missed it until we got back. The most exciting part was seeing all our friends and family again. The scene has changed a lot. It’s made us feel really old, we don’t know anyone anymore. We keep saying who’s that, and someone says ‘oh he’s the number one singer!’ It makes you feel a bit square. It’s not like the old,”Go- Show” days anymore!

BONNIE AND CLYDE - We saw the film in England. It’s very gory, but it’s so funny. The fashions in the film looked fantastic on Faye Dunaway, she looked really great wearing them. Bonnie and Clyde fashions are great, but there are some girls wearing them that look terrible. You have to be tall and thin, and a model girl type to get away with them. Girls are getting carried away and wearing dolly eye make-up, and that really dark red lipstick which spoils the look a bit. Faye Dunaway wasn’t wearing make-up like that in the film, she looked very natural and really great.