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Transcript of PEOPLE Online cyberchat with singer/songwriter Olivia Newton-John whose new album, Back With A Heart, comes out May 12.*

Grease Actress/Singer Olivia Newton-John - May 11, 1998

I’m especially fond of, “I Honestly Love You” Back With A Heart, of course, because it’s been in my life such a long time and it’s meant so much to me. And I think singing it now has a whole new meaning to me.

It’s especially helpful - or it was for me - to talk to other women who have been through similar treatments as yourself. Because it’s a very frightening experience. And it’s very comforting to talk to women who have been there and who have gotten through to the other side.

PEOPLE Online: Hello everyone…welcome to the People Auditorium. We’re being joined now by Olivia Newton-John. Not only is she one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People, but she has a new album coming out tomorrow. It’s called Back With A Heart. Welcome, and thanks for joining us.

Marty2634 asks: Olivia, Describe what it was like growing up in Australia?

Olivia Newton-John: It was a wonderful upbringing, being brought up in Australia. The people are very real. It’s a very healthy country - lots of wide open spaces and fresh air, beautiful landscape and lots of exotic and beautiful wild animals which, of course, I loved. And talking about it right now is making me homesick!

Jennycool14 asks: How did u get discovered?

Olivia Newton-John: When I was 14, went on an audition show kind of like Star Search in Australia. It was a morning audition, eight o’clock in the morning so it wasn’t as good as Star Search. I went on it and sang Summertime, with a friend playing guitar. And there were a panel of judges and you could get up to three gongs - or the hook. Thank goodness, I got three gongs. One of the judges, a well-known female television personality living in Australia, rang my mother and asked if she could manage me. My mother said no [laughs] she said she would manage me. But she wanted me to finish school because I was only 14. I then went on a national talent show like Star Search again, and won it - at 15. The prize was a trip to England. I took the trip to England a year later, after spending one year on local television. And that’s how it all began.

Coolanf asks: Hi Olivia! What are your favorite songs from the new album?

Olivia Newton-John: Wow! That’s a hard question… because I love them all. I’m especially fond of, “I Honestly Love You”, of course, because it’s been in my life such a long time and it’s meant so much to me. And I think singing it now has a whole new meaning to me. I hope you’ll all buy it and judge which ones you like!

Claireflower asks: What kind of advice do you have for other women who have breast cancer, in order to get through it?

Olivia Newton-John: I think it’s very important to have a support group. It’s especially helpful - or it was for me - to talk to other women who have been through similar treatments as yourself. Because it’s a very frightening experience. And it’s very comforting to talk to women who have been there and who have gotten through to the other side. Your doctors can help you reach women , other patients of theirs.

It’s also extremely important to nourish not only your body with good foods and vitamins (and in my case I used herbs and honey) but to also nourish yourself spiritually - whether that means your own religious beliefs, prayer, or again in my case, meditation which I found very helpful. And also visualization of the cancer being gone in your body.

I covered all the bases using western medicine and also using eastern medicine, acupuncture, yoga - in fact anything that would help.

Megadisq asks: Were you friends with Linda McCartney?

Olivia Newton-John: Unfortunately, no. I never met her though I really wanted to after I heard that she was ill. I was very sad when I heard of her loss. She reminds me of how lucky I am to be here.

Raymondbily asks: I want to save the animals that are dying out – what can we do to help?

Olivia Newton-John: This is such an overwhelming question. It’s wonderful that you show concern. This is one of my passions, animals. And it’s so sad to me to think that human beings think that we have the right to do this. I think awareness is really important and getting involved in your local zoos that usually have programs and know of programs that you can become involved with. Also the Wilderness Society, the Nature Conservancy. And probably you’ll find a lot of information on the Internet of which groups to contact.

K2laser asks: Olivia, is your daughters voice the same range as yours? I heard she wants to be a singer. Is that true ?

Olivia Newton-John: Chloe loves to sing. and has a beautiful voice. She’s only 12 years old so it’s difficult to tell exactly what her range is yet. When she’ s older, it will change. She wants to sing but also at the moment just wants to be a kid and is talking about going to college which I’m very thrilled about because I didn’t.

Kenk64 asks: My niece would like to know, How many pets in your home?

Olivia Newton-John: There’s one sitting on my lap right now, a cat - Flea. I have two other cats - Tigger & Caesar. I have three dogs, Ebony who is a black - surprise! - half Irish setter/half Lab; one ten year old Bijon Frise, Snowy (guess what color he is?); and Rouge who is a nine month old Pomeranian - if you know any French, you’ll know what color she is. We’re very original in our house. Two cocatiels - Tweety and Rainbow. They’re chirping as I say that! We also have a pondful of goldfish.

Onj98 asks: who would you most like to record a duet with?

Olivia Newton-John: Oh boy… That is the most difficult question. I have to think a moment. In country, I’d like to sing one with Vince Gill. And a man whom I’ve heard sing recently whom I think is wonderful is an opera singer named Andrea Bocelli. And Elton would be fun. And of course George Strait. There’s more too… I’ve got a huge list! But I’m going to stop there.

Hello533 asks: Olivia, did you ever have stage fright?

Olivia Newton-John: Not so that I can’t go on. But I do get nervous every time I go on stage and my knees tremble. But I’m finding that it’s getting lesser as I get older. Some of the advantages of aging.

WintrAngel asks: In your recent interview with Ralph Emery you said these two things: that you might have enough to say to write a Autobiography now, and that you may do a tour with this album. Are either of these things in the works?

Olivia Newton-John: Interestingly enough, I have been working on a treatment for the autobiography - so that’s a possibility if the publishers are interested. [Laughs] And we’re talking about a tour. Later this year or early next year - but nothing’s been finalized.

Starcade asks: Explain your work with Babyface for the re-release of I Honestly Love You… Who was responsible for that one…

Olivia Newton-John: David Foster was responsible. He ran into Babyface at a party and asked him would he like to do it and luckily for me he agreed. I love the fresh sound that he put in the song. So if you’re reading this Babyface, thank you a million times over.

Jkulas asks: Olivia, you’ve reinvented yourself many times over the years. What’s next on the horizon for you? Olivia Newton-John: I’m just concentrating on this album at the moment, and maybe the autobiography - and I think that’s probably enough! As well as being a mom and working for my cause: I’m the national spokesperson for CHEC - the Children’s Health and Environmental Coalition, which by the way, you can access on the WEB. We’re trying to get information out to the public on how to protect our children from environmental hazards. And my work with breast cancer. I want to thank you all for your interest and I look forward to talking to you another time.

PEOPLE Online: I know you’ve got to run now…thanks for joining us tonight. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you.

Olivia Newton-John: You’re very welcome. thanks for having me.

PEOPLE Online: Good luck with the release of your new album tomorrow. Thanks to everyone in our audience for your great questions. Olivia Newton-John’s newest album hits the stores tomorrow…it’s called Back With A Heart.