A charity compilation album from USA of various artists including Olivia performing Not Gonna Give Into It, live version (originally found on One Woman's Live Journey album). Available by mail order only http://www.onelesstear.com


1 Save - Chuck Navasky, Mark Slaughter & Tia McGraff
2 Not Gonna Give Into It - Olivia Newton-John
3 It's A Good Thing You're Here
4 Angel For Sarah - Cahal Dunne
5.Mike And The Mechanic- The Living Years
6.To Be - Kevin Sharpe
7. Alive
8.Build Our Tears - One Less Group
9.Calling All Angles - Ryan Marshalla
10. Diamonds For Stones
11. Drift Away - Chuck Navasky and Eric Rigler
12. I Live In You
13. I Can do Anything
14. Love Sees Through The Heart
15. The Place Where We Come From - Dale Russell
16 Beautiful People -
17 One Less Tear - Carol Chase


Label: Radio Records (US)
Label number: -
Released: December 2001