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From KABC Los Angeles TV interview, Aug 30

HOLLYWOOD — Olivia Newton-John is celebrating 30 years of music with a special anniversary tour. In an exclusive interview for the tour, Olivia talks about her music, her life... and her future!

There is familiar warmth in the music of Olivia Newton-John. You can feel it in her music videos. And you can see the joy when she's on stage.

Olivia Newton-John: I feel energy very strongly and I can feel an audience. I can feel their love, their humor--you do feel it. It's like we're all connected in some way and I think when you perform, that energy goes both ways. I give it to them. They give it to me. It's very powerful.

Olivia recently played The Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts. Her concert is a trip down a hit-filled musical Memory Lane.

Olivia Newton-John: It's my 30th year in music so I'm kind of spanning all my career and all the different colors and things that I've done and trying to include things that I know the fans would like to hear and also things that I want to sing because it's a very personal show for me.

Olivia Newton-John: It's about enjoying it now and I'm really enjoying it. And I think I'll be doing less rather than more because, you know, I want to enjoy the things that I've always wanted to do.

So... aside from singing... Olivia has passions for tennis, painting and traveling when work is NOT involved. And while she says she'll be working less... there is still more to come.

Olivia Newton-John: I have a compilation album coming out in September called "Magic" which is kind of a compilation of a lot of the old hits and some of them haven't been on CD before.

Olivia Newton-John: And next year, I'm going to do some new music. My nephew has been writing some really fun dance music and I did a track with him just for fun so we've decided to do a few tracks together next year. It'll be fun.

Olivia's daughter, Chloe, is following in mom's footsteps. They do a duet in the show. And they act together in a mother-daughter movie for Showtime due out next year.

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