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Olivia has always had a keen interest in environmental issues, and in the earlier shows from her tour she introduced the song 'The Promise" from the Physical album with a request that the audience might like to take a look something the US Navy is planning to do which could to untold harm to marine creatures like whales and dolphins. If you are a US citizen you can make your views known to your elected representatives - the links to the NRDC in the US show you what you can do and how to do this.

Basically, the U.S. Navy wants to deploy a "Low-Frequency Active" (LFA) sonar program based off the California coast. The system is intended to flood 80 percent of the oceans with high levels of low-frequency sound billions of times more intense than that known to disturb whale migration and communication. Scientists fear that long-term exposure to LFA could push entire populations over the brink into extinction. From a military point of view questions have to be raised about enemy vessels seeing US submarines equally illuminated by the LFA sonar as their own.

The impact of LFA sonar on marine life was dramatically illustrated on March 15, 2000[1] , when 16 whales from four different species were stranded alive on the coasts of Abaco, Grand Bahama, and North Eleuthera in the northern Bahamas. Individuals and small groups of animals had beached for many miles along the coast, suggesting that each stranded whale had been directly impacted by a single cause occurring over a wide area of ocean. Post-mortem examination showed bleeding in the ears  consistent with auditory trauma. In other words, the Navy appears to have blown up the ears of these creatures with LFA sonar, and the cetaceans could not stand the pain and chose to die.

You can read more about this on and in particular , there is also a link to the NRDC action site for some things to do to bring pressure to bear on your elected representatives (US citizens)

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