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Las Vegas Hilton, NV

August 24/25, 2001

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Las Vegas Sun, Aug 24 2001

Olivia first Vegas date was opening for Charlie Rich in the 70sBy Joe Delaney

Olivia Newton-John, a talented, beautiful, courageous performer, is at the LV Hilton this weekend  Her first Las Vegas appearance was as an opening act for the late Charlie Rich at the Hilton. Don Rickles' contract was up for renewal at the Riviera. Riviera president Ed Torres asked the late Joe Scandore, Rickles' manager, to check out Olivia Newton-John.

Torres could have had Newton-John for $30,000 per week at that time. Scandore, thinking of Peter, Paul and Mary, turned Torres down, saying he didn't want any trios opening for Rickles. He thought the act was Olivia, Newton and John . Torres did book her later that year, but for top money. Rickles moved back to the Sahara soon after.

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