Hilton, Las Vegas

February 23 2003

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Photo and story by Laura Ashford

A man in the audience had a Jack Russell terrier. He said that Olivia wouldn't notice him - I told him on the contrary - Olivia loved dogs and she would notice him right away. Olivia gave him a startled look when she entered the stage and smiled. At one point in the show, she walked over and petted him - saying 'he's so cute'. After the first curtain call, Olivia came over and asked if he was alright. She was worried that one of her high notes had bothered him or that he might be thirsty. So, she ran back to her table, poured some of the bottled water into her teacup's saucer and gingerly brought it back setting it on the stage floor for the dog. She petted him one more time and said that this was a first for her.

Olivia greeting the dog in her audience

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