Crown Coliseum, Fayetteville, NC

Nov 13 2003

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Concert Review by Mark

Olivia was FANTASTIC!! The start of the show had a big movie screen above the stage in which it showed a lot of footage from her career. It started by showing old stuff pre-Grease then worked through her career! While it showed this beautiful montage, which I wish was on Video or DVD, the orchestra played her music.

Then Olivia comes out dressed in a gold leather looking suit and blazer. She started off by singing "Have You Never Been Mellow". After that she went right into Xanadu! Moving lights and while she sings Xanadu there were clips from that movie showing on the screen above the stage. She then did a little talking...then she performed "Magic!"" Then another song from Xanadu one I was not as familiar with. She then did some acoustics with her band from her old days like "Let Me Be There", "If
Not For You", "Sam", "Please Mr Please", and a new adult version of "Physical".

She also surprised me by doing two songs from her Gaia album "Don't Cut Me Down" which showed the rain forests on the screen above her then another song from Gaia "Not Give Into It". She joked around too...she said she felt like she was about to give into it. As she was out of breath.

She also did a new song from her new "2" duets CD. She also did "Suddenly" from Xanadu. Later she did songs from Grease while they ran footage from Grease on the screen over her. She did "You're The One I Want" & "Hopelessly Devoted To You".  Dressed in her black leather jacket she also did "Summer Nights".  One of her band members sings John Travolta's part in those songs.  She got the audience to help with "Summer Nights" 

The encore was "I Honestly Love You". She looked like she was about to cry as she left the stage and whispered "I love you". One guy yelled back 'I LOVE YOU TOO!"  She just smiled.

A wonderful show!! It was like no other concert I had gone to live. Very adultish. People in suits & ties with grey hair!! More like a Streisand or a classical music audience. The music was not real loud but loud enough to be beautiful.  I expected it to be adultish though since Olivia has been in the business a long time.  I have gone to many types of shows everything from heavy metal, hard rock, grunge rock, country, even contemporary Christian but never to a more 'up scale' show like that before. I really really enjoyed it and it was truly a long time coming!!

A wonderful night & dream come true!  Thank you Olivia!

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