Beau Rivage, Biloxi, MS

Saturday Sept 25 2004

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Photos/review by Melissa Jenoff

The band surprised Olivia with a birthday present (okay, one day early, admitted the band, but they wanted to get the party started early). Right after the country medley, they sang "Close To You", with Marlen starting off, followed my Steve, and then Warren. Olivia was very moved, and the tears in her eyes grew larger as the song went on. You could see the love she has for all of her friends, and she looked incredibly happy. It was a fantastic rendition of the song. Then a man from the casino rolled out a chocolate birthday cake for Olivia, and she seemed quite shocked. The whole crowd sang "Happy Birthday" very enthusiastically. She thanked all of us so much, and said her birthday is really Sunday, but we could celebrate it all week long if we liked! Then she made a joke about crying so much over it all, and then explained the next song, of which she said "You won't believe the title!" Well, it turned out to be "Cry Me a River".

Olivia's birthday

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