Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN

Friday, Nov 11 2005

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 Photos/review by Jim Roy

Wow! What a memorable show!

The venue wasn’t the best-- very small stage, but LOW at least (2ft high?) but then again being in the 3rd row(!) meant seeing only the top half of Livvy most of the time.

No video screens, and when the band walked out I still expected the instrumental medley, but right away Livvy started with the first line of IHLY. Took me by surprise!

It took awhile for the crowd to warm up, but they were definitely loving it-- There were even a handful of folks with the glowsticks for Xanadu--and how could we not? Olivia sounded PHENOMENAL! Just NAILED “Stronger Than Before” (and every song, actually!) I say it every year, but: she sounded even better than last year! She was very relaxed and having fun. (No ‘surprise’ appearance by Jack though)

She did not do “Can I Trust Your Arms” or “The Promise,” but added “Falling”

I was impressed by how she took her time with each song (in previous tours they seemed rushed) and she sang longer sections in the Medley’s. The crowed LOVED the 80’s stuff.

Halfway thru the show I started getting sweaty hands and couldn’t swallow/breathe.... as “Suddenly” finished I made my way up to the stage with a single pink rose for her to use for NGGITI.... Just then a little girl walked up and handed her a rose... but wrapped like a bouquet. Olivia thanked her and set it down and the music started... as she turned back to the audience I stood front and center with the rose held up horizontally, like “need this?” She took it--always looking me in the eye and mouthed a thank you, and held on to my fingers a moment while she did.... oh those incredible eyes!

I was so out of it I went back and sat down in the wrong row! LOL!

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