Shippensburg University, PA 

Thursday Nov 2 2006

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Photos by Dave Rorabaugh, report by Becky Rorabaugh

Olivia signing CDs for fans, above Olivia's dog Jack saying hi to the fans.

Report by Becky Rorabaugh

During the concert I gave Olivia a pair of glowsticks for Xanadu and she looked right into my eyes and thanked me. I could have fallen over.

My husband have her a rose for "Not Gonna Give Into It" and she thanked him and shook his hand.

Afterwards, we waited out by the bus. It was very cold (even snowing a little) and there were only 9 or 10 of us out there. Her manager (I think) came out and said that it was really cold and we have to keep Olivia singing, so we were to line up by the bus and we could each get an autograph, but no pictures. I stepped up with G&G and she said, "Thank you for waiting!" I said, "oh, thank YOU!" Then she said something else that I couldn't understand (she's so quiet, the bus was running and there were people all around) so I said "I'm sorry?" and she said "Is there a name you'd like on it?" So I told her my name and she signed it "To Becky, Love & Light, Olivia". And I thanked her again and told her it was a wonderful concert. My husband got a picture of our little face-to-face.

Then my husband stepped up with Stronger Than Before, and she said "Oh, you're the one who gave me the rose!" She signed it "To Dave, Love Olivia".

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