Shippensburg University, PA 

Thursday Nov 2 2006

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A Fan's Review 

by Chris Burke

It's great to see so many youngsters at her show. Even though they probably know here from Grease or maybe their parents played her!

Anyway, the band came out and the first notes started to play, my heart raced with anticipation. You would think this was my first time seeing her. In reality, number 27.

She came out and my god, she looked fabulous simple fabulous. Black outfit with sequined blouse and high heels. She started to sing Pearl of Chains then Have You Never Been Mellow. She sound perfect, not a flaw in her voice. When I heard the first chord for A Little More Love I almost screamed with excitement but I digress and clapped loudly instead.

She talked, joked, sang every song with perfection. Her voice on A Little More Love, OH, it was so goooooooodddd, I had tears in my eyes.

She received a few gifts and you can tell who has seen her before. A gentlemen walked up during have you never been mellow and handed her a stuffed animal it looked like and she sang a verse to him. It was soooooo sweet.

She sang the Grease songs with enthusiasm, it's great to see her after almost 2 hours on stage full of energy. I want what she is taking for that.

She sang Hopelessly Devoted To You and after that before Summer Nights, she went to take a sip of tea and slipped and fell on her butt. You could hear the audience grasp. Warren helped her up and she got up, the only way she knows how with "Grace and Gratitude", she even joked before Summer Nights, she was laughing about it. Don't know if she hurt herself or not. If she did, she didn't let on. She is such a trooper.

Ok, I am so sorry for this being long winded-lol.
She sang I Honestly Love You and Instrument of Peace for the finale and nobody left usually you see people walking out to beat the crowds. I didn't see anyone leave till after the final song. If they did, they got by me-lol.

Anyway, to make a long story short, oops too late... I think this year is much better than the previous years.

The CD sold out after the concert. A lot of people after hearing the songs from the concert rushed out and started buying the CDs.

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