Wells Fargo, Santa Rosa, CA - 2006

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Right: Mykel Gubin, left: Rich O'Neal, fan club competition winners pose with Olivia

Photo: Steve Jennings

Account below by Mykel:

"Yes, I had an encounter again with my God, aka Olivia Newton-John. She opened her tour last night in Santa Rosa and I was the lucky person that was picked for an upgrade for 2 front row passes and 2 backstage meet-and-greet passes that was offered through "Only Olivia".

Rich and I really enjoyed the show. I handed her flowers at the beginning her show as many people do (as she was coming over at me dancing and singing, I bowed to her...corny but she is my idol!). About 20 people gave her flowers throughout the show. And with each one, even if she was singing, she shook their hand.

She was so personable and comical during the performance. I was mesmerized, as expected. After the show, they announced for those of us with backstage passes that she wouldn't have time to autograph anything but would take a picture with a professional photographer. I was introduced to her as the winner from the website and Rich was introduced to her by the one who lead us in as "Clyde." Sweet Livvy said to him, "Hiiiiiiii Clyde!" and Rich said, "Umm, it's Rich." It was hysterical. She instantly thanked me for the flowers (I was impressed!) and we proceeded to take our picture together with her. She then asked me if I wanted something autographed that I brought! I was shocked and had her sign a pic from when I met her at Westbury, NY in 2001. I said a few things and we were on our way!

I was shaking afterward because we touched again and I was in her presence. Ahhhhhh. I didn't make a fool of myself, though! It was so special having Rich share it with me. It was a perfect night, all in all!"

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