Olivia Fans at Macau Star World Hotel

April 18 2007, report below by Camellia
Macau Star World Hotel where Olivia made an appearance.

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Macau is a beautiful tiny island very near to Hong Kong and mainland China. Olivia was invited to Macau to make her "handprints" for the Star World Hotel. She officiated the ceremony by "lighting up" using a "star" and answered some questions from the media. She said she enjoyed the services of the hotel - had a nice bubble bath while enjoying the night view of Macau from her room the night before. She would visit the casino at the hotel, just to look around as she doesn't gamble.

At one of the TV interviews afterwards, she said she enjoyed the show in HK. She would be away from home for a month for this tour. She said "I miss my daughter and my dog. I can call my daughter but I cannot call my dog!" Another question was whether she thinks about retiring. She said everytime she thinks there's nothing new for her to do and should retire, someone would offer her something new to be involved with. That's why she keeps working. She thinks she's very blessed. She also said she thinks her biggest achievement is having daughter Chloe.

Olivia Newton-John in Hong Kong Apirl 2007

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