Johnny Mercer Theatre, Savannah, GA

Monday Mar. 9, 2009

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Photos by Francesca Alghisio. Click to enlarge

Caption by Fran for photos 1 through 4 (top row) -

"If a picture paints a thousand words these pictures paint a terrific night. I decided not to take pics of her singing, but only of her smiling and laughing..."
"Summer dreams ripped at the seams...but Heart... the audience made a OH so loud and powerful that Olivia burst out laughing and couldn't stop. And she tried to go on singing but the first time
she tried she burst out laughing again. The second time she tried she couldn't sing either. At that point she was out of control laughing, she literally couldn't stop, she tried and tried for at least two minutes, but
she couldn't even stay back to back with " Danny" (Warren) because she had to hold her stomach while she was laughing, and she covered her mouth when she couldn't breathe anymore..."

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