This is such a fun video for a fun traditional song. Olivia delivers it tongue in cheek of course. To make this very clear after the line "I just want to be controlled. I can't think for myself, I need to be told" you hear a few bars of Olivia's 1981 "Physical" from a radio on the beach. Another great line is "Throw away my Cosmopolitan it can only turn my head. After all I'm not mad to have fun in bed."

This video was filmed at Manley Beach with the life guards during the surf carnival. The video has throwbacks to the Physical video - Olivia feeling the lifeguards' muscles (note her similar facial expressions) and the underdog coming out on top (the "nerd" saving Olivia from drowning after all others had failed). But something that puzzles is the dog on a skateboard - Why?

screenshot screenshot with the dog Saved! Queen Olivia screenshot feel those muscles screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

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