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Land Before Time Vol 10: The Great Longneck Migration is an animated movie for children. This is actually the ninth direct-to-video sequel to Land Before Time, a theatrical hit from 1988 directed by Don Bluth who created the animation for "Don't Walk Away" in Xanadu. Olivia isn't featured in the movie but performs the song "Best Of Friends" over the title credits (you don't actually see Olivia). This song, exclusive to the movie, is produced by Charles Fisher ( who produced Olivia's 2002 duet album "2" ). It's co-written by Diana Berglund who also co-wrote Slow Down Jackson (about Olivia's red setter dog found on her Clearly Love album).
Included on the DVD is extra Olivia footage (about 5 minutes). This includes an interview with Olivia about the song, recording in the studio & rehearsing it song on stage. The song was recorded during her concert tour of 2003. See screen grabs from this segment here.

This was released in Germany in 2006 - details here (German release does not contain the extra Olivia footage)

Total running is 1 hour 25 minutes, NTSC format

Label: Universal
Country: USA
DVD Catalog#: 23093
Released: December 2 2003
DVD: Region 1, NTSC format (may not play on DVD players in Europe/Australia etc
) Video: NTSC VHS

Germany: 2006, Label: Universal 822 5086

Thanks to Philippe Roumila.