Olivia laserdiscs

Analogue laserdiscs - for those who want the very best! Olivia was very successful at the time Laserdiscs were being introduced to the market, and here they are. Laserdiscs performed much better in the US market than in the European market. It should be noted that the early European laserdiscs in the PAL format are not all compatible with current PAL LD players, and those without digital soundtracks may play vision-only on more recent PAL disc players.

US laserdiscs (NTSC format)

1978 Olivia

1978 Grease

1980 Xanadu

1981 Physical

1982 Live in concert

1983 Twist Of Fate

1983 Two of a Kind

1985 Soul Kiss Videosingles

1988 Down Under

ldimpartyf.gif (4147 bytes) 1995 It's My Party movie

PAL laserdiscs

pldgreasef.gif (4277 bytes) 1978 Grease

pldxanaduf.gif (4044 bytes) 1980 Xanadu

pldphysicalf.gif (2681 bytes) 1981 Physical

1982 Live in concert

pldtwistf.gif (2670 bytes) 1983 Twist Of Fate

1988 Down Under - CD Video (digital snd)

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