Olivia was a pioneer in making this full-length video album for her 1981 album Physical. Brian Grant directed these innovative musical videos, this was pre-MTV and won the 1982 Grammy for best video. Brian also worked with Kim Wilde, amongst others, and you can see the similarities in style if take a you look at Kim's 80s videos

Said to cost half a million dollars to produce, it was filmed in California (at Olivia's Malibu home), London and Hawaii.

It certain is wonderful - Olivia looks and sounds great. It was a bit of a shock for many after Olivia's "girl next door" image but Olivia clearly takes some pleasure from this. The videos to Landslide, Strangers Touch, Recovery and Silvery Rain are of special note. It could be argued that Olivia does her best acting for her music videos - the expressions on her face convey a thousand words.

It boasted 35 per cent of the US viewing audience when a shorter version of this was first aired on TV and was released in 1982 on home video and laserdisc around the world. In 2005 it was released in really good quality on ONJ Video Gold 1 Here's a special look at this 1981 extravaganza, starting with the TV-only introduction