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This in-depth interview with Olivia aired just before Olivia's spectacular performance at the Olympics 2000 opening ceremonies. It also featured interviews with Nancy and Jim Chuda, sister Rona, David Foster, Randal Kleiser, Didi Conn and John and Pat Farrar.

The program gave the lowdown on Olivia's career but also concentrated on her personal life including her battle with breast cancer. One of  the most moving moments was Olivia, Nancy and Jim speaking about Colette Chuda's last trip to Disneyworld in Florida. Colette was in a wheelchair by this time and displayed such bravery, Olivia would swim with her and sing to her when she was in pain. Olivia is very tearful when she speaks about her death one of the worst tragedies - against the natural order of things for a child to die before its parents.

On a more lighter note Olivia and Pat giggled about  the early days in London when they  got their microphone leads tangled up on stage. They had only practiced their dance routines with coke bottles so the leads came as a surprise! Olivia remembers her first night in America at the Hotel Sunset Marquee, LA and hearing gun shots on the street below - luckily this didn't frighten her off America and she went onto career heights.

Behind the scene footage on the set of Xanadu was a welcome addition - Olivia clowning around with co-star Michael Beck. Olivia attributes the box office failure of both Xanadu and her later movie with John Travolta Two Of A Kind  due to their script problems. But Grease more than made up for this!

Olivia's friends: Nancy Chuda, Didi Conn and David Foster are amazed and delighted at just how down to earth, natural and "so not like a celebrity" Olivia really is. David Foster describes the syndrome "one hit record six bodyguards" but with Olivia six hit records no bodyguards!

Amusing moment - Olivia asking herself "What homework?" when she told how her mother had split her first group up (The Sol Four) because it interfered with her homework.

Quote of the show - "When I'm really afraid of doing something it's often a sign" (ie to go ahead as with the huge success of the raunchy Physical single)


Initial airdate: 2000
Initial broadcaster: E!
Country of production: US
Duration: 60 mins
Type: Interview


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