Olivia's birthday card message to Cliff

Get Away with Cliff 1971 TV


The Cliff Richard Story

Olivia was interviewed for this ITV documentary about Cliff Richard on the eve of his 60th birthday. She was on screen for around 4 minutes and they showed footage of Getaway With Cliff, the first TV special Olivia and Cliff appeared in together (from 1971, their marriage sketch "When I'm 64" of all things was chosen!).

Interviewed in a hotel room for the special Olivia denied that they had ever dated and complimented Cliff on his very genuine nature - "he is who he is. There's no other side to Cliff."

Olivia even hinted that they may have even got a bit tipsy together - having enjoyed a glass of wine together and had fun! One of her birthday gifts to Cliff will be a framed photo of them together from the early days - in an amusing pose. We'd love to see that!

Olivia revealed, along with most of Cliff's other female friends, that her favorite Cliff song is Miss You Nights.

The special ended with Cliff receiving a huge birthday card signed by all his friends. On seeing Olivia's message he said "my lovely Olivia is here".



Initial airdate: 2000
Initial broadcaster: ITV
Country of production: UK
Duration: 4 mins (ONJ segment)
Type: Interview

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