It's Only Rock & Roll - Grease

It's Only Rock & Roll - J Travolta


It's Only Rock & Roll

This 2 hour VH1 special is hosted by Illeana Douglas, Isaac Hayes, Olivia Newton-John, Johnathan Schaech and Billy Baldwin. The Special looks at five decades of the stars, scenes and images that have made audiences sing along with and dance to the movies.
Olivia hosts her section for about 30 minutes. She's in the VH1 studio and she also does voice-overs from notable movies ranging from the punk movies of the 70s to Dirty Dancing of the 80s. Olivia introduces Grease - as if anyone else could have? The best musical ever! Xanadu was notable by its absence.

Cute Moment - Olivia singing her version of "Video killed the radio star"


Initial airdate: 31 May 2000
Initial broadcaster: VH-1
Country of production: US
Duration: 120 mins
Type: Documentary

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