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Olivia and daughter Chloe played themselves in a guest slot for Bette Midler's sitcom "Bette". Episode title: The Invisible Mom.

Olivia, playing against form, is really quite nasty to both Bette and the school headmaster. This provides Olivia with some good lines and  the opportunity to act very annoyed and peeved.

Both Olivia and Bette have volunteered to help out at their daughters' school. It's obvious from the start that Olivia doesn't like Bette, running away from her.  Bette doesn't actually  endear herself to Olivia when she says "Grease is on the dish all the time but you don't see Xanadu so much." Olivia escapes Bette by pretending to hear the school bell ring.

Bette can't see why Olivia doesn't like her, delivering some never to be forgotten lines: "What's up Olivia Newton-John's ass."  and "I could have sworn Olivia Newton-John just gave me the finger."

Olivia has a further chance to act mean-spirited when the headmaster asks her to read for a movie he's written. She throws his script in the trash!

In the end Olivia forgives Bette for the time when they were both up for the part of Sandy in Grease. Bette locked Olivia in the ladies room and then tried to get her deported.  But Olivia has committed one last crime - slashing Bette's tyres. (Of course this feud is totally fiction for the show's script).

Both Olivia and Chloe manage well with the script. Olivia seems to enjoy the challenge of playing against character. At times this can be hard to believe but nevertheless makes for very enjoyable watching.

With thanks to Greg Locher


Initial airdate: Feb 7 2001
Initial broadcaster: CBS
Country of production: US
Duration: 4 mins (ONJ segment)
Type: Acting

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