ARIA Awards

Initial airdate: Oct 15 2002
Initial broadcaster: Nine
Country of production: AU
Duration: 12 mins
Type: Ceremony

Olivia was inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame at the ARIA Awards in October 2002. Her friend musician Billy Thorpe inducted her and also had honour of holding the award whilst Olivia read her speech. Of course she was over the moon to be recognized for her musical talent in her home country.
She gave a very moving speech thanking all the Australians who'd helped her through her career and life. She began with thanking her Teacher Mr Hogan "Thank you Sir" from University High who advised a 15 year old Olivia to follow her dream. She thanked the Sol 4 girls (her first group); Ian Turpie (for playing guitar and friendship); John and Pat Farrar; Steve Kipner (wrote Physical) and Roger Davis. She thanked the "Three Peters in my life": Peter Allen; Peter Gormley (her first manager); Peter Heabes (?- travelled with her in the early days).
She thanked  sister Rona who had chaperoned her "which is kind of funny really," and her dad. Her mother Irene, who was there in the audience, received a round of applause. The camera focused on daughter Chloe and Olivia's boyfriend Patrick clapping and looking very proud (in her speech she referred to Patrick as "my special man").
Ending  with "I love you Australia" her speech went down a treat. The ceremony also had a nice 5 minute introduction showing Olivia clips throughout her career although it was written from a very American perspective.

with Billy Thorpe

Red Cross award ceremony


Pat and Olivia

Parkinson 1978

Chloe and Patrick

1978 concert

Pat and Olivia



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