Burke's Backyard

Olivia was featured in celebrity gardener on the Australian series Burke's Backyard. Don Burke, the host, introduced Olivia as "one of the nicest people I've ever met." Don spent the day with Olivia on her Australian ranch: visiting her forest, her orchard, interviewing her and playing tennis.

Don was impressed that Olivia lives what she preached having planted 10,000 native tress in the 8 years she's been there. Olivia has even set up a conservation trust so that if the land were ever sold then the trees would be protected.

Olivia's orchard is also organic and a parrot is sighted eating the fruit. It isn't surprising that Olivia's yield from her orchard isn't very large as she encourages the birds to feast on the fruit.

Don also interviews Olivia; they talk about her career and in particular her academic family. Olivia does the usual self-depreciating joke about her having no brains but does wonder about the affinity between math and music. Don and Olivia then take a picnic which is a good chance for Olivia to promote her Koala Blue wine, and if Don is to be believed (not) she's drunk three bottles of it already - it's that good!

Beautiful footage of Olivia's land and the wildlife although we don't get to see her house as it's not complete yet. She says she'll invite us back in 9 months when it's ready.


Initial airdate: July 27 2002
Initial broadcaster: Ch 99
Country of production: AU
Duration: 14 mins
Type: Interview

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