Good Morning Australia

Initial airdate:  2002 (October)
Initial broadcaster: Seven
Country of production: AU
Duration: 14 mins
Type: Interview

Olivia went on Bert Newton's programme to promote "2". Bert joked that if she'd married him all those years ago she'd now be ""Olivia Newton-John-Newton"

Sue McIntosh, Olivia's close friend, had commented to Bert's wife that she'd never seen Olivia as happy as she is today. Olivia said this was due to her enjoying her work, life and Chloe. Always nice to hear. They discuss Chloe's ease in front of the camera on her recent appearance also on Bert's show

They talked about Johnny O'Keffer who Olivia duets with on the album. Johnny had auditioned her at 14 for the "Sing Sing Sing" TV programme. Ian Turpie accompanied her on guitar and they'd auditioned in the South Cross Hotel and it was Olivia's first visit to a grand hotel. Johnny had always been very kind to her and taken her out for Chinese meals with her sister Rona. Johnny had a crush on Rona and used to drive up to their dad's place in Newcastle to visit Rona and Olivia.

Keyboard composer Alan Zavod is also in the studio. Olivia knows him via tennis friends. They have a strange conversation about the meat product "spam" because Alan has been working for Gordie Hormel of Hormel Spam fame. Olivia mentions the Monty Python sketch about spam which Alan says he must see to tease George about.

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