After They Were Famous: Grease

Initial airdate: Nov 19 2002
Initial broadcaster: ITV
Country of production: UK
Duration: 50 mins
Type: Interview

This was an interesting program about Grease, of course. It featured recent interviews with all the stars (except Stockard Channing/Rizzo) and footage of the cast altogether at the DVD release party in Hollywood, September 2002. Olivia and John's interviews for this TV show were somehow conducted during this party. Olivia looked great and sounded excited about Grease's success.
Didi Conn (Frenchy) provided the most moving moment talking about the shock of discovering Olivia had breast cancer in 1994 and how thankful they are that she's back as strong as ever. Didi and Olivia are still good friends as the photos from Didi's collection testify. It was also sad when the "T-Birds" re-visited the LA riverbed where they filmed the car race scene. There was pollution and graffiti.
Olivia was asked which of the two Sandys she was most like "Posh or Spicy"? She gave the diplomatic answer, "I think I have little of both but really enjoyed playing Sandy2"...then she went on to say how no one recognized her when she tried the Sandy 2 outfit for the first time round and how they had to sew her into the pants so she couldn't drink just in case she needed to "pee".

during the filming of Grease with Didi/Frenchy

circa 1997

DVD Party

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