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Rove Live

A fun interview live from Melbourne, Australia to promote Koala Blue wine. Olivia was on fine form and very relaxed, whether this had anything to do with her just arriving from partying at the Virgin Megastore opening with Richard Branson and Elton John we do not know!

Olivia came onto wolf-whistles, not surprising as she was looking very beautiful in a black trouser suit. The host, Rove (John) McManus, was very sweet and funny. Did we see signs of a little flirting between himself and Olivia?

Olivia talked about her wine admitting that she was not a big drinker "a few sips and I'm gone". But as the wine was so lovely, fruity and light Olivia joked "If I can drink it anyone can."

Rove mentioned all the emails they'd received from around the world about Olivia's appearance. He was surprised because many of us hadn't even seen the show but were emailing. On fans' behalf he asked about Olivia's dance CD and she said she'd done one track that would be on her nephew's, Brett Goldsmith, upcoming dance CD. She mentioned the possibility of this track being released as a single and then recording more dance songs "down the track." We await with hope!

The 1974 Eurovision Song contest was mentioned and Olivia joked at how she'd lost to Abba and that the song chosen for her she didn't like. They showed a clip of John Travolta from Rove Live in 2001, John said there was only one person who could play Sandy in Grease and that was Olivia. Olivia, ever modest, said I paid him a lot to say that!

They talked about Olivia and Pat Farrar's early duo in England citing the story of performing (clothed) in a London strip joint by mistake. Rove had fun with   Olivia's chosen career if the singing didn't take off - a mounted policewoman. He conjured up the Charlie's Angel-esque image of "A woman on a horse with a gun... and with wine!"

During the show they had some cute puppies "painting" a picture with their paws. At the end Olivia signed this and played with one of the puppies. This drawing was later auctioned off in aid of dogs for the blind with Olivia's signature adding to its value.

Initial airdate: April 16 7 2002
Initial broadcaster: Ten
Country of production: AU
Duration: 18 mins
Type: Interview

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