Rove Live

Initial airdate: April 15 2003
Initial broadcaster: Channel 10
Country of production: AU
Duration: 8 mins
Type: Interview

Looking stunning in a striking blue coat with blue jeans and sweater, Olivia was guest on Rove's 100th show. Rove asked for a twirl and said "If I wasn't attached.." Rove apologized about a photo they'd posed for earlier that day - apparently his hand was inadvertently near Olivia's bottom, Olivia joked "I quite enjoyed it really."
They spoke about Olivia's tour and her favourite songs (IHLY, Sam, Come on Over and the Grease songs). Rove asked what Olivia was like during the 70s - if it was all sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Olivia replied that she didn't do drugs as she was scared of them, she drank a little and was basically a good, hard-working, professional girl.

with Kasey Chambers and her baby

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