The Ultimate Popstars. The UK's Official 50 Best Selling Artists

Initial airdate: Feb 22 2004
Initial broadcaster: Channel 4
Country of production: UK
Duration: 6 mins
Type: interview

Olivia came 23rd in the UK's best selling artists. This was based solely on on single sales, Olivia having sold 6,493,006 copies which include her Grease number 1 singles. Olivia gave an interview for this and her friends Didi Conn (who played Frenchy in Grease); Cliff Richard and Bruce Welch commented. The interview included clips from Grease, her Physical video, her appearance in the early 70s movie Getaway with Cliff and a 70s Country Roads performance. Olivia also commented on fellow chart toppers the Bee Gees and Kylie Minogue (a fellow female Australian entry). Olivia complimented the Bee Gees on their great songwriting and how talented and pretty Kylie was.

Olivia Newton-John

Country Roads

Didi Conn (Frenchy)

Cliff Richard

Getaway with Cliff 1971 Country Roads

Getaway with Cliff 1971

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