50 Years of Channel 7

Initial airdate: 2005 (April)
Initial broadcaster: Channel7 
Country of production: AU
Duration: 3 mins
Type: documentary

A look back over 50 years of Melbourne's Channel 7 included a section about Olivia. Featuring great footage from the afternoon show Time for Terry (it was a national show), Olivia was spied giggling as a puppet dolly on a sting. Such unprofessionalism wouldn't be seen today! Footage was also shown of Olivia performing with then boyfriend Ian Turpie and of course musical numbers with Pat Carroll.

We also have a passport photo of Olivia featured (see below) and footage from the Main Event 1998 concert which channel 7 proudly screened before it was released on DVD/VHS.

passport photo Olivia Newton-John

Main Event 1998 Olivia Newton-John

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