Entertainment Tonight/The Insider

Initial airdate: 2005 (Oct 10)
Initial broadcaster: E!
Country of production: USA
Duration: 5 mins
Type: interview

Host Mary Hart joined Olivia behind the scenes on her New Jersey tour date. Talk turned to the disappearance of Patrick and Olivia broke down in tears which was upsetting to see. On a happier note Olivia performs a verse of Can I Trust your Arms on the piano. Mary Hart also joins Olivia and her band's singing Amazing Grace before they go on stage that night. 

Olivia wears a T shirt given to her by Patrick ex-wife. It has the logo "It is what it is" on it.

The Insider included a few minutes of extra footage which included Olivia and her dog Jack. Jack had been at her feet throughout ET's interview. He's with Olivia on her tour and a source of comfort to her.



ET's summary

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