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Initial airdate: 2005 (Oct 10)
Initial broadcaster: E!
Country of production: USA
Duration: 5 mins
Type: interview

ET's Summary

It has now been more than three months since OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN's missing boyfriend, PATRICK McDERMOTT, was last seen heading out for a fishing trip in San Pedro, CA. The Coast Guard and other authorities continue to investigate his disappearance and the circumstances surrounding it. Now, the actress/singer opens up to Entertainment Tonight in her first interview since the news broke.

"I go back and forth and I can't talk about it," Olivia told MARY HART. "And it's still under investigation. Speculation is really a dangerous thing, and I'd rather just leave it at that," she adds.

Olivia was in Australia when she first heard the news. The U.S. Coast Guard reported to ET that the 48-year-old McDermott has been missing since June 30, the day he left San Pedro on an overnight fishing trip. The boat came back to port the next day, but when McDermott didn't show up for a family event about six days later, his family became concerned and called the authorities. An investigation found personal effects of McDermott's on the boat and his car was in the parking lot.

"It's really, really painful for me, and really, really personal," says Olivia. "I respect that you are asking, but Patrick has a son, and it's just too hard to talk about. We miss him. We love him. We're still kind of praying that he'll still come back, and that's all I can say."

The former 'Grease' star says she's been coping with McDermott's disappearance by meditating, praying and listening to her own songs. "It's almost ironic that I wrote the songs," she admits, "it's as if I wrote them for myself."

At the time of the news, Olivia had planned to promote her new CD, Stronger Than Before, on several shows including "Good Morning America" and "The View," but cancelled those appearances. Now, despite the heartbreak, the singer has decided to go on with her tour to promote her new album.

"I really thought of not doing it, but the album is about going through difficulty and getting through it. So, it's almost like walking the walk for me. I also know that Patrick would want me to do it because he believed in the cause and following through with your commitments. He was a very hardworking committed person, so I made the decision to do it."

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