Larry King Live

Initial airdate: 2006 (Oct 6)
Initial broadcaster: CNN 
Country of production: USA
Duration: 22 mins
Type: interview/performance

Larry started the interview by asking about the disappearance of Patrick, Olivia's boyfriend. This was quite sensitively done but Olivia didn't talk about anything new.

Then the interview moved onto Olivia new album and her Liv Kit which she demonstrated. They also discussed her breast cancer recovery and filming Grease.

Olivia was also asked about Steve Irwin, an Australian wildlife expert, who'd died recently. Olivia didn't know him but like everyone was sad about his death. She knows Mel Gibson who had been recently been in the news for drunk driving amongst other things, Olivia said he was a good person who'd made a mistake.

Olivia performed live "Love Is Letting Go Of Fear" backing provided by her tour band and Amy Sky (see photo). They changed the ending from that on the album and it still worked beautifully.

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