Today Show

Initial airdate: 2006 (June 12)
Initial broadcaster: Nine 
Country of production: AU
Duration: 6 mins
Type: interview

Olivia was interviewed on the day of becoming Officer of the Order of Australia. Obviously, she was excited with this because it was Australian. When she was asked to compare it to receiving the OBE in the 70s she said she understood it better. However, receiving the OBE was wonderful because her parents were with her in 1979 when she went to Buckingham Palace.

The interview was conducted live by satellite. Olivia was in Toronto, Canada and just finished recording a "healing" CD and was about to do the cover art. She wore a necklace representing the seven Chakras.

Obviously, talk turned to the recent press reports of Patrick allegedly sighted in Mexico. Olivia said that this was media speculation and it was distressing to the family. When asked how she would feel if Patrick was found she replied "thrilled of course." She said Patrick would be very proud of her becoming Officer of the Order of Australia.

Olivia also mentioned Rockinc, an event held, July 15 2006, to raise finds for her Melbourne cancer centre. She was judging the bands attending and also performing there.

Thanks to Trevor for the screengrabs

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