Today Tonight

Initial airdate: 2006 (March 16)
Initial broadcaster: Seven 
Country of production: AU
Duration: 5 mins
Type: interview

This was billed as Olivia's only Australian interview during her tour and that she would talk about cancer and Patrick. In fact Olivia did talk about recovering from cancer but not about Patrick. 

The programme tried to suggest that she was talking about Patrick by inserting a news item about Patrick's disappearance. They then cut to Olivia talking about how she coped with nights of dread by writing songs like Not Gonna Give Into It. Less Olivia-knowledgeable members of the public may have been fooled that she was talking about Patrick. In fact she wrote those songs during her cancer recovery in 1993 and it was this she was referring to. Before the interview Olivia (or her agent) probably stipulated  that she didn't want to talk about Patrick - source.

On a more positive note the interviewer did ask what many of us would like to know; what do Olivia and Chloe argue about? What is "normal mother and daughter stuff" for the Newton-Johns? We didn't really find out as Olivia said Chloe wouldn't want her to go into details but did mention one area of disagreement, things left on the floor.

The interview was conducted at the Sydney Opera House and the interviewer joins Olivia backstage. Olivia mentions that recording the concerts for a DVD causes problems for her. Usually after a song has finished they cut to black but this doesn't happen when filming. Olivia ends one song with her arms up in the air (see photo below) and then has the problem of how to gracefully get out of that position in full light.


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