Deal Or No Deal

Initial airdate: Jan 7, 2007
Initial broadcaster: Fox
Country of production: USA
Duration: 2 mins
Type: interview

This is a game show to win large amounts of $$. The contestant, Kathy, is a huge Grease fan and in honor of this the models dress up first in poodle skirts and then in the Sandy 2 black outfit.

At a crucial moment of the competition Olivia is on the phone (unfortunately not in the studio) to offer her support. Olivia sings a bar of "You're the One That I Want" to convince Kathy that it is indeed her.Kathy is thrilled and tears up. She's seen Grease 300 times and Olivia jokes "You probably know it better than I do." Olivia is very positive calling the decision "exciting" and reassuring Kathy with "I know you'll make the right decision."

Olivia Newton-John Deal or No Deal 2007Olivia Newton-John Deal or no Deal 2007 Olivia Newton-John Deal or no Deal 2007Olivia Newton-John Deal or no Deal 2007 

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