Long Live Love


Clunk Click: Songs for Eurovision

Olivia was chosen to represent Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. Countries from all over Europe all submit a song to this contest and then each vote on each other's songs. 1974 was the year that Abba won with Waterloo and Olivia came fourth with the self-confessed terrible Long Live Love.

However, this programme was the qualifying round where the British public vote on which song should be Olivia's entry for Britain. It was part of  Jimmy Saville's Clunk Click programme and ran over three weeks.

Olivia was quoted at the time about the songs "The standard of the songs is very high in contemporary terms, and there's only one that falls into the singalong sort of category. I think they're all very good, and I'm working really hard at them to put them across as best I can. They're a great challenge for me."  Well the singalong song was the one that was chosen so blame the public!

Olivia mimes six songs, all of which can be found on her 1974 album Long Live Love. This was 1974, pre-personal stylists, and Olivia wears an assortment of outfits from trousers suits to a long yellow dress.


Initial airdate: March 1974
Initial broadcaster: BBC1
Country of production: UK
Duration: 18 mins
Type: Performance


Songs Performed by Olivia

Have Love Will Travel
Loving You Ain't Easy
Long Live Love
Angel Eyes
Hands Across The Sea

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