Mike Douglas Show

Initial airdate: December 8 1976
Initial broadcaster: Syndicated
Country of production: US
Duration: 26 mins
Type: interview

A great interview from Olivia's Malibu ranch. Three of her dogs are present, two Great Danes and Jackson, a red setter. Jackson slobbers all over Mike's trousers, he pretends it is okay but you can see he's a bit peeved.

Olivia is very sweet in this. Her answers to Mike's questions are thought out and not rehearsed, or maybe she hasn't yet been asked them hundreds of times like she has these days.

Back in 1974 when Olivia first appeared on Mike's show she amazed the crew by ironing her own dress. Mike asks if she still likes to do things for herself and Olivia admits "not as much as I used to". However, she still cooks.

She is asked if she'd like to get married and she replies she isn't sure "Sometimes I would, sometimes I wouldn't." At the time she was with Lee Kramer and this reply reveals the reported ambivalence of their relationship. She says she'd like two children eventually. Mike asks what she has splurged on since becoming wealthy - a convertible Volkswagen, her animals and then clothes.

Mike asks about the key necklace she is wearing. This was given to her on her 21st birthday by a friend. It represents "the key to the door." The key denotes independence on your 21st birthday. This symbol isn't common in America but is a traditional right of passage in Britain and Australia.

They play Olivia's video Every Face Tells A Story and Olivia is asked about her musical training. She hasn't had any and sings by ear, she picks a tune up very quickly and she can play about 12 chords on the guitar.

Olivia takes time to answer when asked if she thinks she's changed since her success, she can't really tell but thinks she has kept her values.

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