Numero 1 Joe Dassin

This is a great live performance of Totally Hot from Olivia's visit to France in 1978.

The song was a stretch for Olivia, rockier and harder edged than previous recordings. On this live version Olivia really goes for it and it's great! She really lets her vocals go on "play the game and let me do the same." and improvising at the end. "Grrrr" is one adjective to describe this live version.


Olivia plays up to the camera with sultry looks, softened by her wide smile. Olivia is very sexy in her black outfit - Olivia wore this type of outfit a lot during 1978 whilst she was touring and promoting in Japan and Europe. She had versions of it in red, purple/blue and pink!

Initial airdate: 1978 (Nov)
Initial broadcaster: Jimmy
Country of production: France
Duration: 4 min (ONJ segment)
Type: Performance



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