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Olivia as Godiva singing Gimme some lovin

Olivia as Helen of Troy singing Gimme some lovin

with Tina Turner on Heartache Tonite

Olivia - Hollywood Nights

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Aired just before the 1980 Oscars - this was primetime TV at the height of Olivia's success, that delicate hiatus just after Totally Hot and Grease, with Physical yet to come and Xanadu about to be tested in the theater.

This was the night of the stars, and Olivia's guest list reads like the roll of honor of the great and the good of her musical genre at the time. The show is a romp through a variety of sketches including an Australian bar with Olivia and her friend Chantal Contouri as no-nonsense, gum-chewing barmaids! To sing Gimme Some Lovin' Olivia dresses up as famous women throughout the ages including Cleopatra, Lady Godiva, Helen of Troy and Barbarella. The musical highlight is the heart-stoppingly beautiful rendition of Candle In the Wind which Olivia sings with Elton John, who wrote the song.

Best line: "there's a rumor going around that I'm Miss Goody-shoes from Australia. Well that's a laugh. I'm actually Miss Goody-two shoes from England!"

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Initial airdate: April 1980
Initial broadcaster: ABC
Country of production: US
Duration: 50 mins
Type: TV Special

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Olivia and Chantal Contouri

Kitted out as Barbarella singing Gimme some lovin

with Elton John (top) and Gene Kelly (below)


Songs performed by Olivia:

Hollywood Nights
Deeper Than the Night
Hopelessly Devoted to You
A Little More love
I Can't Help It (with Andy Gibb)
Oh Boy (with Cliff Richard, Elton John and Andy Gibb)
Suddenly (with Cliff Richard)
Makin' Movies (with Gene Kelly)
Gimme Some Lovin'
Candle in The Wind (with Elton John)
Heartache Tonight (with Tina Turner, Peaches, Toni Tennille, Karen Carpenter, the boys join them later)
I Honestly Love You

Special Guests:

Elton John
Gene Kelly
Cliff Richard
Andy Gibb
Tina Turner
Toni Tennille
Karen Carpenter

Other Guests:
Chantal Contouri (Olivia's actress friend from Australia)
Dick Clark
Ted Night

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