Suspended in Time with Michael Beck

with Gene Kelly and Michael Beck

Filming Fool Country

with Jeff Lynne (of ELO)

at wrap party


Making of Xanadu 1980

This TV special was made to promote Olivia's 1980 film Xanadu. It's a great look behind the scenes including interviews with Olivia, Gene Kelly, John Farrar, Jeff Lynne (of ELO) and Michael Beck.

There's also rare footage. Originally the ballad Suspended in Time was to be filmed with Olivia (Kira) singing to Michael Beck (Sonny). The ending was also changed for the movie. The one shown in this TV special featured Olivia dancing with Gene Kelly and then been spun into Michael Beck's surprised arms with Olivia asking him originally "do you come here often?".

We also get a behind the scene look at the filming of the Fool Country sequence. Olivia and Gene talk about the differences between filming Cover Girl and Xanadu. Back in the 40s Gene was part of a  team under contract to the movie studio so there was no need for the long task of casting dancers etc.

The ending of the TV special ends with great footage of the wrap party.

Amusing moment - the ever-modest John Farrar correcting Olivia when she said that they met when he was the leader of an Australian band back in the 60s (he wasn't the leader!).


Initial airdate: 1980
Initial broadcaster:
Country of production: US
Duration: 23 mins
Type: Interview/documentary


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