The Don Lane Show

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Initial airdate: 1980 (Aug 21)
Initial broadcaster: Nine
Country of production: AU
Duration: 27 mins
Type: Interview

Olivia came on this Australian show to promote Xanadu. The Screen Actors Guild in America were actually on strike. However, Olivia as a member, did not want to cancel her trip to Australia (probably planned many months in advance) and made the excuse that she was going to promote the soundtrack of Xanadu rather than the movie. In hindsight this would have been a better idea since the soundtrack did so much better!

Earlier that day Olivia had been given the key to Melbourne and footage of this is shown. A young girl gave her flowers and, like many fans in Olivia's presence, became tongue-tied.

The host, Don Lane, asks Olivia about Allan Carr. He mentions that they'd fallen-out but made up during a plane flight from LA to Australia for the Royal Command Performance. Press at that time reported that Allan Carr had thrown Olivia off his latest movie as her demands were too high. Olivia didn't confirm or deny the falling-out but said they hadn't seen each other for a while and that they ended up sitting on the floor of the plane eating spaghetti!

Olivia also told how she'd managed a family boat trip to Manly for fish and chips without being recognised. The lady in the chemist even asked her if she knew that she looked like Olivia Newton-John, to which Olivia replied "I get that a lot".

Another Australian celebrity, Bert Newton, joined them dressed as John Travolta which Olivia found very amusing. And a gentleman called Sir Eric also joined in as he also wanted to meet Olivia.

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