AHOY - Record Gala 1981

Olivia visited the Netherlands in 1981 to promote her new single and album Physical. During her visit she performed five songs live in front of a large enthusiastic TV audience in Rotterdam.

The concert goes really well until the last song - Physical. The venue change the lighting  and  it doesn't translate well onto the TV screen causing a snowy picture.  There's also a problem with feedback during the song and you can see Olivia gesturing to the band to turn the amp down.

Despite these few hitches Olivia is on top form and her rendition of Sam singing directly into the camera is enough to melt any heart. A great live performance in front of an appreciative crowd and Olivia thanks the Dutch for making her feel so very welcome.

Embarrassing moment - the presenters calling for Olivia to give her an award but Olivia has already left the building!



Initial airdate: 1981
Initial broadcaster:
Country of production: Netherlands
Duration: 15 mins
Type: Performance


Songs Performed by Olivia (live)

Deeper Than the Night
Hopelessly Devoted to You
A Little More Love

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