If Not For You

John Farrar

Hollywood Nights

Maybe Then I'll Think of you


Portrait Of A Legend

In 1981 Don Krischner  productions ( as in Toomorrow) made a series called "Portrait of A Legend" and Olivia was one of the performers featured.

The program was hosted by James Darin, he tells Olivia's story with clips throughout her career. Olivia is interviewed separately by Maria Shriver. Olivia has the Physical hair but the program only covers up to Xanadu as Physical wasn't yet released.

Olivia talks about her first group Sol Four, revealing that two of them were tone deaf. Two of the members of Sol Four turn up again on Headliners & Legends documentary in 2000 but we're not told who was tone deaf.

Clips shown include Olivia on Midnite Special, lots from the Hollywood Nights special, the 1980 Royal Variety Australian concert, plus rare clips singing Maybe Then I'll Think Of You and If Not For You.

Olivia puts her teeth back in!  If Not For You

Olivia mentions that her first concert in America was in a gymnasium in North Dakota. It was particularly nerve whacking as John Farrar had to sack their first band and hire another with less than 48 hours to go before the concert. All seems to have worked out as Olivia's career goes from strength to strength.

John Farrar makes a rare appearance on the screen recalling how he found I Honestly Love you (in their very large mail bag).

The documentary ends with the usual comments about down to earthness and how career is not all-consuming. Superstars are always so eager to tell their audience just how ordinary, down to earth they really are and how family matters most. But having just listened to Olivia's modest interview you believe it's true!


Initial airdate: Aug 1981
Initial broadcaster:
Country of production: US
Duration: 20 min
Type: Interview



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