Late Late Breakfast Show

Initial airdate: 1982 (October)
Initial broadcaster: BBC1
Country of production: UK
Duration: 7 mins
Type: Interview/Performance

Olivia performs Heart Attack and is interviewed by Noel Edmunds via satellite from America. This is quite a good interview, despite being short,  with a different angle taken than usual . Olivia's coming to the end of her Physical tour and describes it as long and hard but very exciting. 

Noel asks her how men react to her with the new image and Olivia jokes "Oh it's great!" Noel also describes her as being one of the most eligible women in the world - wealthy, very attractive and successful.  He asks if he can send her his phone number. Olivia laughs and mentions that she  has a boyfriend so isn't "out on the rampage." 

Olivia describes the movie she's planning to do with John Travolta. The original script was a comedy about a couple who meet, marry and divorce within a week. This was to become Two Of a A Kind but obviously with a different script. I wonder how it would have turned out with the original script.

Olivia has trouble with her ear-piece falling out and when the interview is at the end Noel says "you can take your ear piece out now", to which Olivia replies "Oh good.... Nothing personal!"


Heart Attack (mimed)

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