Foreign Affair: 25 Years of Australian Music

Initial airdate: 1983
Initial broadcaster: Nine
Country of production: AU
Duration: 6 mins
Type: Interview

Olivia is interviewed on the set of Two Of A Kind in New York. They film a short scene from the actual shooting of the movie plus showing some old clips from TV. One interview is a 1971 black & white interview in which Olivia amusingly says "I'm not madly ambitious that I want to be a huge star or anything like that. I just would like to get better at what I'm doing." How little Olivia knew, she's on the way even then to becoming a huge international star!
Olivia also talks about the risk of recording Physical and how amusing it's to her to have this banned in Utah after having the good girl image for so long.

1971 interview

1971 interview

on set of TOAK

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