John's big blue eyes

playing with earring


Solid Gold 1983

Olivia and John Travolta are itnerviewed for Solid Gold to promote their duet Take A Chance - the video to which is played and can be found on Olivia's Twist of Fate video.

Olivia speaks of when they first met - John came to Olivia's house in Malibu to see her about Grease. Remebering his big blue eyes, Olivia says he was in awe of her house in particular the swimming pool. Five years later John takes Olivia up in his jet airplane!

John jokes around playing around with Olivia's earring and joking that they got excited at Olivia's house. He mentions his mimicking Olivia's pose on her If You Love Me, Let Me Know album for his Let Me In album (blue shirt, arms folded).

Oliva co- wrote Take A Chance and although she didn't want to push it onto John   he said he'd love to record it with her. A double A side to the Twist Of Fate single it was the first big hit Olivia wrote herself.



Initial airdate: 1983
Initial broadcaster:
Country of production: US
Duration: 5 mins (ONJ segment)
Type: Interview/video

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